1 August, 2019 Mary V

Alcudiamar reinventing itself for the future

They say that renewal is like being reborn in order to progress.   And that is what is happening to AlcudiaMar:  after three decades of offering its best service to those who have passed through its moorings, it is now facing a comprehensive reform of its facilities and the technological centre of the harbour and marina.   The aim?  To be able to offer the best facilities to captains of large yachts.  And to make this port a point of reference for environmental care and provision of services.

For this reason, although the number of berths has not been increased, so that the improvements can be enjoyed by current users, a new shipyard will be built, with all the advantages that this reform will bring.  A reform which, incidentally, involves an investment of more than 21 million euros.

But how will users benefit?   Basically, from a modern port, adapted to the latest technologies, where priority has been given to the provision of services, energy efficiency, mobility, safety and environmental quality.   A good example of this is the installation of a 300-tonne travel lift, as well as chemical sensors which monitor the care of the environment, while optimizing waste collection and the installation of solar panels and energy efficient systems.  However, without a real commitment to the environment, any renovation project would be obsolete, and this idea has been present since the start of the reform project.   As such, a drainage system which allows treatment of collected water before it is discharged into the sea has also been designed.

Looking to the future

Another of the most striking innovations of this project is the nautical technological building of more than 600 sq. m, which has been designed where a nautical workshop for internships and a training room for young people who want to work in the nautical industry will soon open its doors.

Additionally, the space will be increased to be able to service more vessels, including large boats: the area of the shipyard will increase from the current 12,000 sq. m to more than 22.000 sq. m, extending towards the outside of the boatyard esplanade, and a new pit will also be constructed.

In this way, when the works are finished, one will be able to enjoy one of the most modern and efficient ports in the Mediterranean, which has a clear commitment to respect the environment and with the ability to offer better services to its users.  It is a scenario which is already very close: since the initiation of works last February, the parking zone at the entrance to the port has been laid,  the lighting and paving of the walkway at the entrance to the Botel has been improved,  as have the stormwater networks, pipelines for lighting networks, drinking water and telecommunications in the Aqua restaurant area,  the remodelling of the fuel station, installation of the automatic fuel system along with new higher capacity, high-flow fuel tanks and channelling multiple services in the Tango mooring area, including the power supply, the video surveillance system, the collection of sewage water and point-to-point bilge water, among others.


Looking to the future

The space will be increased to be able to service more vessels, including large boats

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