19 June, 2019 Mary V

BWA Yachting has joined partners with SailGP – one of the most innovative and exciting races to emerge on the racing scene.

Set up last year, these superyacht races take place in front of the most iconic city harbours – head-to-head races in one-class F50 wingsailed catamarans, which on their wave piercing hydrofoils can exceed 50 knots (60mph) – imagine the heart stopping excitement!  Maybe that’s why it’s called the SailGP Adrenaline Yachts Programme!

The sequence of races is Sydney (February), San Francisco (May), New York (June), Cowes (August) and Marseille (September).

BWA a leading marine agency services company, a member of BYD (Balearic Yacht Destination), announced at the recent MBYA show that it had been appointed to manage the SailGP Adrenaline Yachts Programme for both the New York race (21-22 June, 2019) and the final in Marseille (20-22 September, 2019).

With their global offices spread around the world in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the Americas, BWA specialise in fully integrated global packages, advanced itinerary planning and implementation of yacht voyages, providing a unique and seamless experience for both owners and crew.  With its years of experience, expertise and knowledge, BWA is well placed to manage the SailGP programme with its global TV, digital and on-site links between the boats racing, the teams, the owners and the public.

Members of SailGP Adrenaline Yachts are granted a premium position on the racecourse perimeter, so that they can watch the races up close and personal from the comfort of their own yachts.  Other benefits include complimentary merchandise and closing party tickets.   And if you don’t own a yacht?   SailGP have announced a multiplatform coverage spanning linear and digital channels and mobile apps – they have broadcast coverage agreements in 90 countries, across 5 continents, so that no matter where you are, you can watch these races.

Six national teams are fighting it out for the winning position on the world’s fastest race boats – Australia, China, France, GB, Japan and the USA.  The series finishes in Marseille – with a cool $1,000,000 winner-takes-all match race!   This final race will be between the two highest ranked teams – and the winner will not only take home the prize money but will be crowned SailGP Season1 winner and awarded the SailGP Trophy.

At the time of writing, two of these exhilarating races have already been held in the iconic cities of Sydney and San Francisco – both won by Australia.  Who’s going to win in New York?

Sail GP

BWA will manage the SailGP Adrenaline Yachts Programme

Six national teams are fighting it out for the winning position on the world’s fastest race boats

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