8 March, 2022 Pedro Suasi

Chatting with Adriana Palmes, The female presence in the nautical sector

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background 

My name is Adriana Palmes, I’m from Miranda de Ebro, Burgos and I’m 25 years old.  I’ve been sailing since I finished college at the age of 21.  

Why did you decide to work in the nautical sector? 

Having grown up in a landlocked city, working in the nautical sector is not an option that I would have considered.  

It was shortly before the university entrance exam, when a friend who works in the sector and has been sailing for many years, went to Bilbao to discharge and invited me to visit the ship.   

What I did have clear, is that I wanted to study something related to engineering, but marine engineering is a career that was not on my plans.  

As soon as I saw the ship, I became curious about the naval world, and weeks later, when it was time to decide what I wanted to study, I chose Marine Engineering at the University of Bilbao.   

I don’t regret having chosen this profession, as the nautical sector offers a very wide range of job opportunities, both on land and at sea.  

The marine industry has always been dominated by men, was this an impediment for you?  

The yachting industry is still dominated by men.   

I currently work with a crew of 31 people and we are only 2 women.   

Also, in the 5 years, I have been sailing I have rarely met another woman.    

For my part, it has never been an impediment to working in this environment and I can say that, so far, I have not had any problem.  

Even so, I have to admit that being a woman you have to prove your worth from the beginning, as your ability to do your job is more questioned, unlike a man.   In this sense, we don’t start from the same point.   

Do you think the female presence has increased in recent years? 

It is true that little by little more women are being seen, but almost all of them are in the bridge department.   

What advice would you give to women who want work in the nautical sector?  

¡Don’t stop doing something you love because you’re a woman! For both men and women working in this world it is a challenge, as it is indeed a complicated and different world.   

You have to be sure of yourself and prepared.   

Which is your favourite spot in the Balearics?  

 My favourite place in the Balearic Islands is definitely Palma.   

It is a city with a great atmosphere and variety, and it also offers many job opportunities in the nautical sector.   

 Will you recommend the Balearics? Why?  

I will for sure recommend the Balearic Islands.  

The scenery is breathtaking from any point of the island and the gastronomy is exquisite.  It is a perfect destination for every season of the year, whether you prefer the sea or the mountains. 

What is your opinion about the future of the yachting industry in the Balearics?  

 I believe that the nautical industry has a thriving future ahead, as it is a booming sector, especially in the Balearic Islands.   



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