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New initiatives from our members on sustainability in the Balearic Islands

The yachting community in the Balearics can be proud that members of BYD (Balearic Yacht Destination) take an active and preventative role in the matter of the Environment.

The ports and marinas of the IPM Group – Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Palma Cuarentena, STP Shipyard Palma, Marina Ibiza, Varadero Ibiza y Varadero Valencia, have launched a campaign called Plastic Free to reduce the presence of one (single) use plastics in its facilities.

One/single use plastics are things like plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, soda and water bottles, plates and cutlery, food packaging – all the things which make our lives easy, but which are turning out to be disastrous for the environment, and marine life in particular.

Another objective of the campaign is to inform clients of the risks and dangers of throwing waste (of any sort), but especially plastic, into the sea with the intention of encouraging respect for the environment and for the marine life which is in danger.

STP Shipyard Palma y Marina Port de Mallorca in particular have eliminated the use of one-use plastic water bottles by giving stainless steel bottles to the workers so they can drink water without generating plastic residues.

At the same time they have substituted the plastic glasses of water dispensers in reception areas with recyclable cardboard cups.  In this way, their clients will become aware of the campaign and be part of it.

Being committed to a healthy environment means that STP offers its workers regular training and activities to increase environmental awareness: and practice environmental emergency drills, so that should anything untoward happen they can deal with it efficiently and quickly.   There are also waste collection points around the yard for paper, plastics, glass, oils, filters, batteries etc. They control the impact their activity generates on the environment thanks to being on the Carbon Footprint Registry, which allows companies ways of calculating their carbon footprint and get accreditation for it.

What’s more, Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Palma Cuarentena, Marina Ibiza y Varadero Ibiza have information panels situated in various strategic points on their pontoons which explain the grave problem of plastic in the sea, as much for contamination as for the danger to marine species which consume this material, mistaking it for food, or they get trapped by large pieces that float in the water, such as the plastic rings which hold cans of drinks together.

Following the same strategy for reducing the quantity of plastic which ends up in the sea, the marinas offer their clients free recyclable bags for separation of waste, so that the waste can be recycled on board and dropped off on arrival at the marina’s “puntos verdes” – waste collection points.

Earlier this year, Marina Port de Mallorca installed a Seabin – a floating wastebasket, capable of collecting up to 1.5 kg of floating garbage per day from the port.  This means half a tonne less rubbish, primarily plastics and microplastics, per year, going into the open sea.

On its journey through the Mediterranean doing research on the problem of plastic in the sea, the sailboat Sea Plastic was invited by Marina Port de Mallorca to make a stop there.  Knowing that their commitment to the environment must be passed on to youngsters, they also organised a visit from students at Santa Magdalena Sofia School, and once aboard the boat, they were given a talk on the problems that plastics (and other waste) cause, hoping to raise awareness amongst the young of the need to reduce the use of plastic.  The youngsters also got to see how the Seabin worked.

The companies of the IPM Group have spent years actively working to reduce their impact on the environment and to continue with their commitment to preserve the environment. The campaign Plastic Free has already been very well received by clients and employees and the Group hopes within a short time to be 100% plastic free in all its surroundings.

Look out for blogs on other like-minded members of BYD which will be appearing shortly.

Sustainability and environment

IPM campaign 'Plastic free'

An objective of the campaign is to inform clients of the risks and dangers of throwing waste (of any sort), but especially plastic, into the sea

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