31 May, 2021 Mary V

Interview with José Luis Sastre, general manager of Sasga Yachts.

Today we are lucky enough to speak with José Luis Saste, General Manager of Sasga Yachts. Sasga Yachts is a Menorcan shipyard with a way of working based on effort and professionalism. With more than 40 years of experience, this family business has achieved a great international reputation and is a prominent member of the Balearic Marine Cluster.

Who are Sasga Yachts?

Sasga Yachts is a company whose origins date back to 1978 when my father founded Menorquin Yachts. We have therefore been making boats for more than 40 years. We are a local company, but with an international reach.

What type of boat does Sasga Yachts manufacture?

The type of boat we manufacture is the Menorcan, a boat with a long seafaring tradition and one that has evolved a lot in recent years, going from being a fisherman’s boat to a boat for creative use. We manufacture boats from 10m to 21m, from 34ft to 68ft.


How does Sasga Yachts work?

For example, in the case of infusion, we have the moulds manufactured in numerical control. For the interior of the boats, we also design a large part of the boat in large lengths, from 54 to 68 feet. Also, we do Auto CAD design and we also manufacture by numerical control. Our boats are therefore classic but very advanced boats with all the latest technologies both in navigation and construction.


In which markets does Sasga Yachts operate?

Our markets are not only national, but we sell almost 80% of our boats abroad. Our markets are Italy, France, Croatia and obviously Spain. We also sell outside the Mediterranean, to Northern Europe (Denmark, England or Germany). We also sell ships to the USA, Japan and we are also starting to export to New Zealand.

How has the Covid-19 crisis affected Sasga Yachts?

We have had two very positive years. We have been fortunate that the pandemic has not affected us. Therefore, we have continued to grow at the same rate as we have been doing in recent years. We have expanded markets, which has allowed us not to be affected by possible specific crises in some countries.

What are the future prospects for Sasga Yachts?

The outlook for 2022 is also positive as we are starting to make sales already for next year.

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