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Local Products: A passion for things well made

Made in the Balearics: A passion for well-made things. You will discover them yachting in the islands!

Textiles, ceramics, glass, basketry, viticulture, gastronomy… Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera are islands rich in traditions and local products. Its artisan heritage is known far beyond the Mediterranean, it has jumped the borders and it has aroused interest all over the world. Enjoy them in your next superyacht cruise!

Ensaimada: This is possibly the most representative & traditional element within the gastronomy of Majorca. As a geographical indication, this is a dessert which has been recognized and protected since 2003, and mainly made from flour, sugar,
eggs & lard. The varieties nowadays are endless. The process is laborious, but after baking the result is exceptional. A must-try if you visit the Islands.

The local fabric “Tela de lenguas”: Curtains, cushions, rocking chairs, bedspreads, upholstery… Top quality fabric which has dressed the interiors of Majorcan houses for a lifetime. Cotton and linen fabrics of Eastern origin designed and hand dyed, that illustrate discontinuous geometric patterns in bright colours and infinite shades.

Handmade glassA family business, specializing in the art of glass blowing and founded back in the 18th century. Its extensive catalogue of products, comprising of small, unique works of art, offer a host of ideas for decorating the home. The magic that emerges from their pieces is created through the sheer talent, agility and pulmonary air of its master craftsmen.

Handmade shoesDesigned by well know designers in the heart of the islands, their shoes are manufactured using traditional craftsmanship and natural materials. Creations originating from the Islands, travelling to different locations, such as Bangladesh, for its braided jute fibres and then returning to Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza or Formentera to complete the process, add the finishing touches and have the soles ‘suau’ attached by local craftsmen.

Viticulture: Close to forty wineries distributed all over the Islands are proof of the ever-increasing production of Majorcan wines, a sign which demonstrates the quality and evolution of their land. Two places of origin: Binissalem & Pla i LLevant, & a regulated brand: Vins de la Terra (wines of the earth), bring them all under the same parameters, the high level of bottling of wines & great vintage which is globally recognized.

Artisan Heritage

Balearics: Islands rich in traditions and local products...

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