23 August, 2021 Mary V

Protect containment system: The Undercover Solutions initiative that will revolutionise the Balearic marine industry

Undercover Solutions kicks off the season with an innovative and revolutionary Protect containment system’ project. A new reusable tent for refit and repair work on boats of all lengths.    

The advantages of the Protect containment system 

The ‘Protect System’ tent, which consists of highly resistant aluminium panels, offers advantages not only on an environmental level, but also on an operational, economic and aesthetic level.   

On the one hand, it provides higher quality and safety standards, as this type of material has greater strength and protection. Also, thanks to the use of the ‘Protect System’, noise pollution from refit and repair work is reduced, making our ports more comfortable for other workers and passers-by.   

On the other hand, with the implementation of this type of equipment, it is possible to obtain a much more favourable aesthetic appearance of the ports and marinas of the Balearic Islands. With this new tent which uses less plastic, refit projects in the Balearic Islands will get a better reputation. The first impressions from crew and marine professionals who visit our islands and repair facilities will be much more positive.  

In short, the main objective of Undercover Solutions is focused on the reduction of up to 80% of plastics in refit work, through the reuse of structures to tackle maintenance work on boats. Over the next 5 years, the implementation of this new project will reduce a large part of the plastic used by the sector, contributing to environmental improvement, an objective with which the entire industry of the Balearic Islands is particularly sensitive.  

The start-up of the ‘Protect System  

This cutting-edge project is now ready to be launched. Thus, it will start to be used in our ports in September 2021. This very ambitious initiative will offer excellent results to the Balearic marine industry on all levels and, of course, from the Balearic Marine Cluster and our promotional brand Balearic Yacht Destination we strongly support it!   

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