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Secret spots for yachting experts: Deià

Captain Hamish Reid shares one of his favourite places to visit on our islands: The picturesque mountain village of Deià.  

For Reid, the small clusters of traditional village houses in the hills together with its unique coves make Deià an absolutely breathtaking place.  

Join us in this article and discover all you need to know about this sophisticated corner of our islands.   


Deià (in Mallorquín Deià) is a Mallorcan municipality located in the northwest of the island. More specifically, in the region of the Sierra de Tramuntana and borders the municipalities of Valldemosa, Sóller and Buñola.  

According to locals, Deià is the most charming village on the island due to its combination of landscapes and traditional architecture. Attracted by its charms, this small coastal town has been the birthplace of many of the most renowned local artists and a popular spot for great artists and international celebrities who visited or lived in this town. Some include; Pablo Picasso, Robert Graves, Peter Ustino, Peter Ustinov, Manuel de Falla, Julio Cortázar or Gabriel García Márquez, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Douglas, Kate Moss, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins or Tom Hanks, Ava Gardner, Anäis Nin, Stephen Hawking, Ladi Di and more!  

What to do in Deià  

If you want to spend a quiet day admiring the most traditional architecture of the island together with spectacular panoramic views, Deià is the perfect place for you.   

Here you will find small stone streets where you will be surprised by some breathtaking landscapes, featuring mountains that drop down to the sea.   

If you visit the town between October and April you can enjoy the Camino des Racó in all its splendour. This is a route very close to the village, where you will first discover a beautiful waterfall and, as you get higher, you will discover the best panoramic views of Deià.  

For architecture lovers, Deià offers many possibilities. You can discover the Parish Church of San Juan Bautista, built in the 16th century and renovated after a fire in the 18th century, as well as the Archaeological Museum of Deià, an old mill dating from the 17th century, which houses the remains of indigenous species that became extinct centuries ago.   

Finally, Deià offers a wide range of luxury and authentic restaurants to suit all tastes.    

Cala Deà

Cala Deià  

About 30 minutes’ walk from the village you can find Cala Deià, a cove made up of large stones, rocks and crystal-clear waters located at the mouth of the Torrent Major. As Captain Reid tells us, it is located in a privileged setting surrounded by nature and picturesque houses.  

Here you can find traditional restaurants including seafood, where you can enjoy a good meal with some of the best views on the island.  

Cala Deià by boat  

Cala Deià is a very popular anchorage spot during the high season. With a sandy, seaweed bottom of about 8 metres, it’s the ideal place to moor. The gin-clear waters allow for you to see the seabed easily and choose the best place to drop anchor.   

We recommend to take care on windy days, as it does not offer the best protection against the wind.  

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