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Secret spots for yachting experts: Sa Foradada

Fiona McCarthy, broker at Fraser Yachts, shares her favourite place to visit on our wonderful islands with us: Sa Foradada.

For McCarthy, it is the perfect place to take a dip in the sea. She also confesses that this area of the island is home to the tastiest paella she has ever had.

Do you know this wonderful area of the Serra de Tramuntana? We’ll tell you all the secrets!

Sa Foradada

Sa Foradada is located in the north-west of the island of Mallorca. It is an outcrop that stretches 400 metres inland from the sea, in the Tramuntana mountain range.

In addition to its magical rock, its spectacular scenery, its crystal-clear waters and its dreamy sunsets, Sa Foradada is known for its large natural hole, which is located at the end of this small peninsula.

What to do in Sa Foradada

The Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. To get to the bottom of Sa Foradada, you can walk 30 minutes down a well signposted path. Here you will find the Son Marroig caves as well as different landscapes and views of the perforated rock, which gives this enclave its name. Facing west, Sa Foradada is known for its breathtaking sunsets over the sea and many people travel from all parts of the island just to watch it.

You can also enjoy some fantastic Mediterranean restaurants in this area, many with spectacular views of the north coast. Right at the end of this peninsula you can find Sa Foradada restaurant. One of their best-selling dishes is its famous paella, made over a wood fire, which is nautical expert, Fiona McCarthy’s favourite.

Visiting Sa Foradada by boat

In this enclave, there are three main areas for anchoring: Cala Foradada, Punta de Sa Foradada East and Punta de Sa Foradada West.

Cala Foradada has an area for small boats to anchor. The seabed is rocky and the only mooring option is by anchor. It’s the ideal place to relax in a peaceful environment with crystal-clear waters and rocky cliffs.

Punta Sa Foradada East and West are the other anchorage options, they’re surrounded by impressive rock formations. The seabed is a mixture of sand and rocks and in the western area you’ll find areas of great depth (up to 20 metres). However, care should be taken on stormy days there’s little protection from the wind and the waves. On better days, this area is the perfect place for overnight mooring as most visitors leave in the evening, making for a very relaxing evening.

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