10 April, 2019 Mary V

Serra de Tramuntana, nature and beauty in its purest form

The soul of Majorca is revealed to those who are willing to tread the ancient paths that run through the backbone of the island. The Serra de Tramuntana, is declared a world heritage in the category of cultural landscapes by UNESCO.

The route of Pedra en Sec & its long distance (GR) 221, outlines one of the bests ways to explore the essence of its spectacular mountain landscapes and tradition that surrounds them. Step by step, route by route, the hikers recreate past stories, based on the singular constructions ´pedra en sec´ which mark the route and cover the historical content of the trails.

A journey through the green oasis of Majorca features overlapping stone walls, built by hand without cement, mud or mortar. A tangible symbol of how man used this environmentally friendly ancient craftwork which was created due to the necessity to expand cultivated areas, for the improvement of crops & to make the most of the use of the rainwater.

The route of Pedra en Sec, has eight different stages which run through the whole of the Majorcan mountain range. In all of them, the landscapes invite unique experiences due to the evergreen trees, the silence, the sea breeze, and especially the views.

The palpable inspiration of the artists from Deiá, the solemn peace of the sanctuary of Lluc or the rich cuisine of the fishing village of Sóller, provides a special and unique attraction to the route of Pedra en Sec.

The hikers set their own pace. They decide how long to immerse themselves in the natural world between the coast and the highest peaks of Majorca, if they wish to extend their experience, they can sleep over in one of the shelters along the route, or try some of the many of the typical local dishes in any of the surrounding towns that inhabit the Serra de Tramuntana.


The soul of Majorca

A journey throug the green oasis of Majorca features overlapping stone walls, built by hand without cement, mud o mortar

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