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The Balearics were promoted during the Monaco Yacht as a destination for superyachts

Balearic Yacht Destination chose the Monaco Yacht Show to inform and promote the Balearic Islands not only as a tourist destination, but also as a centre of yachting commerce.   An extremely high professional image of confidence and strength in the nautical sector of the islands was created by IDI (Balearic Institute of Innovation).  And the Monaco Yacht Show was the perfect place to show the advantages and benefits of choosing Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera as the destination for superyachts.

From September 25 – 28 in Port Hercules, Monaco, some of the most luxurious and exclusive superyachts in the world were on show.  In fact, more than 125 yachts greater than 50m were shown.  Of these, 40 were new launches, making their world debut in what is considered to be one of the most glamorous shows in the yachting world.

Balearic Islands – Superyacht destination

During the 4 days of the show, Balearic Yacht Destination worked to inform visitors of the infrastructures and varied tourist offers that make the islands a perfect destination for large yachts.

BYD focused on the importance of showing superyacht captains and visitors with high purchasing power, that the islands are not a destination limited to sun and sand, but that the services on offer, as well as their infrastructures, make our islands the perfect destination for these kind of boats.

With its participation in the Monaco Yacht Show, BYD has shown that the nautical sector continues to grow in the Balearic Islands, and that it is gradually consolidating its position as a key destination for superyachts. Six out of the eight largest companies in the world dedicated to the luxury nautical sector have offices and headquarters in Mallorca.  Which is one of the reasons why more and more yachts choose the islands not only as a seasonal destination, but to stay on after the summer in order that necessary repairs and maintenance can be carried out.

During the Monaco show, BYD also promoted the Palma International Boat Show and the Palma Superyacht Shows as one of the most important shows in the Mediterranean.    Chema Sans, director of the Palma International Boat Show highly values participation in the Monaco show  “because for the Boat Show of Palma it is one of the essential forums as it brings together all the groups that energize the large boat sector, for which Palma is already a reference” .

Balearic Sense Tasting Event

Every year Balearic Yacht Destination holds an event during the Monaco Yacht Show to spread the word about the major gastronomy of the Balearic Islands to visitors at the show.   This year, in the Balearic Sense Tasting Event, they organised a tasting of products from the Balearic Islands, to show the traditional gastronomy of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

Those attending were provided with the best wine of the local gastronomy.   And they were able to taste the authentic Mahonés cheese with its Protected Designation of Origin and its artisanal variety: also, pork liver pates, made from an original recipe over 100 years old, and the characteristic Mallorcan sobrasadas.

These products were served on the unparalleled and world known Quelis of Mallorca.   These are savoury biscuits made from flour and oil, which are the perfect accompaniment to cold cuts or pates.

Many members of BYD took advantage of the event to get to know and to chat with other companies in the field, and to let captains and other attendees know about their services.   In short, a platform which allowed them to talk about what they do and how professional and dedicated Balearic nautical companies are.

Monaco Yacht Show

Promotion the Balearic Islands

Balearic Yacht Destination increased awareness the Balearic Islands and the Palma International Boat Show

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