26 November, 2021 Mary V

The “Cala Millor” returns to the Balearic Islands for boat refit

Heading towards his birthplace

The “Cala Millor” returned at the end of October to Astilleros de Mallorca, where she was built seventy-five years ago, for boat refit. Balearic Marine Cluster was present at the visit, and it was a pleasure to admire the beauty of this vessel.

A Story to Remember

The ‘Cala Millor’ is the last sailboat built in Palma that is still sailing today. As the naval chronicles tell, this great sailing ship the of 171 tons and 42 meters long by 8,2 of beam and 3’2 high, was manufactured at the end of the XIX century “with the best pine wood, dried for years in the shade”. Its design was based on the British coasting vessels that, for years, were the only way to reach the Balearic Islands.

The ‘Cala Millor’, always sailing, carried both people and food supply, including products of great value at that time. Lemons, salts, wines, and oils were part of the main merchandise transported to the south of France and the peninsular coast.

Originally, the ‘Cala Millor’ was entrusted by Naviera Mallorquin and was built in the site that today is Astilleros de Mallorca. However, after decades operating regularly in Balearic waters, it was acquired by Naviera Matutes. For years, it survived serious sanctions in Germany, until Nicole Legler and Gerald Delgado, the current owners, took possession of the yacht, and it returned to our islands.

For its latest boat refit, the property has trusted in the hands of professionals of Astilleros de Mallorca. Undoubtedly, such a delicate and technically complex project has to be managed by internationally recognized professionals.

The “Cala Millor”, open to new proposals

This sailboat, now moored on the front line of the port of Ibiza, sails mainly as teaching ship for the schools and institutes of Ibiza. Nicole and Gerald fight tirelessly to keep this floating treasure as a vessel accessible to all citizens, because it deserves to be preserved, respected and admired in the eyes of society.

A material example of our great evolution

The return of this magnificent sailboat has allowed us to look back and appreciate all the years of history of the Balearic nautical Industry. Undoubtedly, thanks to the great effort of the professionals of this sector, our islands have positioned themselves as a nautical destination reference both technically and in terms of tourism.

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